In 1946, the Bengali Hindu minority in Noakhali and Tipperah in the eastern region of the Muslim League governed province of Bengal in British India were subjected to a series of organized, pre-meditated and systematic massacres, gang rapes, abductions, and forcible conversion to Islam. The events were planned and executed by the Muslim National Guard, the para-military front of the Muslim League in connivance with private militia like Sarwar’s army, Akbar’s army and Kasem’s army and led by the ex-servicemen of the British Indian Army. Aimed at  the total annihilation of the Bengali Hindus of the region, the genocide was orchestrated to purify the land from the ‘impure’, in order to establish Pakistan, literally meaning ‘the land of the pure’.  In 1947, Pakistan was established, less than a year from the gory events of 1946.